Spanish in the PYP

Pinkerton’s Guiding Purpose

“At Pinkerton we empower learners to become inquirers and compassionate individuals who make innovative contributions to our global society.”

En Pinkerton proporcionamos las herramientas a nuestros aprendices que les permiten convertirse en personas inquisitivas y humanitarias que realicen aportes innovadores a la sociedad global.  

Pinkerton Elementary is a “candidate school” for the Primary Years Program. An integral part of the PYP Framework is learning a second language. The PYP document Making the PYP Happen states, “A PYP school provides the opportunity for all students to learn more than one language.  Exposure to and experience with language, in all its richness and diversity, opens doors to key questions about life and learning, and encourages students to develop responsible attitudes and find appropriate ways to take action, in order to make a difference in the world.”

At Pinkerton learners will receive Spanish once a week/ 4 times per month and will increment in time according to grade level.

Grades K-1: 120 minutes per month
Grades 2-3: 180 minutes per month
Grades 4-5: 240 per month

This schedule will allow learners to build on their vocabulary and knowledge according to age and increment as they become more familiar with the language. We will begin to establish vocabulary in order to help develop their oral, written, and visual communication skills.  We will also learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries, which will help students begin to develop a sense of international awareness.

There is a trans-disciplinary approach to language instruction and connections are made across the curriculum.  Almost every Unit of Inquiry throughout the year has a component that will be addressed in Spanish class, whether it is taught through vocabulary or culture.  In Spanish class learners will develop their skills in depth  by becoming  inquirers, communicators, and risk-takers.

If you have any more questions about Spanish class please do not hesitate to contact me via email, twitter, or phone.


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