First Week-Primera semana

I am very happy to finally have begun teaching Spanish class to all Pinkerton students. It was a lot of fun watching them act really surprised when I pretended to not speak any English at all. However, all classes were able to find ways to communicate with me, via a translator or movement. Finally, my dear friend squirrel showed up. His name is Thomas (Tomás). I explained to students that when Thomas was in the room I could speak English to clarify or explain instructions. However, Thomas’ visits will be less and less frequent once we have our routines established.

All students began singing a –Buenos días- song, to review how to greet each other. Songs were different according to their grade level, but at the end they were all singing, regardless of their age. Everyone reviewed the days of the week as well and I was able to show them my guitar skills using the app Garage Band. It was so much fun! K-3 students then reviewed words that started with A. Some even explored the classroom trying to find as many Spanish words that started with the letter A (avión, araña, árbol, asno, arriba, abajo). Each word was given a movement so that they could be remembered easily by the student. 4-5th grade students let me get to know them by completing a face map using colors and descriptors in Spanish. The best part of this activity was hearing them say “Soy valiente. Yo soy responsable. etc.”

It was a blast and we were very busy to say the least. Next post I will add more pictures for all of you to see what we are doing in the classroom.

¡Hasta pronto!

Sra. Holguin


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