Second Week- Segunda Semana

The second week of Spanish class brought us a great celebration to include in our Spanish class. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day and the kids were eager to learn more about it. After having our start-up routine we talked about what happened in Mexico, the most important figure in the battle against Spain, Miguel Hidalgo, and compared it to how we celebrate Independence day in the United States. Many great connections were made and many discoveries took place as well.I played for the students a video of “El grito” which is the Cry of Dolores famous for marking the start of the initial battle of Mexico’s independence from Spain. The war lasted over eleven years culminating in Mexico becoming free from the Spanish crown. Students got to yell out “Viva México!” and watch fireworks displayed in Mexico City’s Zócalo. After that students got to create something to reference the date. The activities included:

K-1= Decorating a making a Sombrero.
2-3= Making a Mexican flag and learning about it’s meaning.
4-5= Making either papel picado or paper flowers.

It was a great a experience for all and I was really proud of all the students enthusiasm and participation. I hope they got to share some of the experience with all of you.


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