Third week- Tercer Semana

Week 3 in Spanish brought us back to learning the vowels in K-3 and learning how to introduce ourselves in Spanish with basic conversation of likes and dislikes. Students in K-2 are learning the importance of the vowel o and vowel a in the Spanish language. I will later explain to them about the masculine and feminine words in Spanish. Therefore, we have to get our sounds right before moving on. All K-2 classes got to make a little poster with illustrations and common words that start with the vowel o.image
Fifth grade is collaborating with other schools across the world. I found out they were meeting with a school in Argentina and in the future another school in Mexico. I thought it was important to show them how to introduce themselves to a friend or an adult and have short conversation of likes and dislikes. The activity had them translate words for likes using an electronic translator. I really like it because it also sounds out the word for them and for the most part it sounds pretty accurate. After translating the words learners had to walk around the classroom and introduce themselves to another classmate using a script in Spanish. Some were shy at first but as soon as a couple of brave souls did it, they felt more comfortable. Pretty soon they were all introducing themselves. I really enjoyed their questions and them wanting to add a little more to the conversation. When learners were done with the introduction they sat back down and illustrated and labeled at least one thing their friends liked. They labeled in Spanish and if they couldn’t figure out how to spell it they had to go back to their friend and find out.
It was a blast!


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