Cuarta Semana- Week Four

I was so happy to be back this week. I had many trainings and meetings to attend to last week that we were unable to have Spanish class. We are now back on track and I can’t wait to show you what our learners have been up to.

This week we practiced how to introduce ourselves in Spanish. We were able to say common phrases like “Yo me llamo____________” and “I am _____________ years old.” The little ones got to practice basic “Hola” and “Adios.” It was challenging but once they got the hang of it they were are trying to speak Spanish to each other and to me. –Pictures coming soon.—

K-1 Drew themselves with either the words Adios and Hola to their sides. If the class was up to the challenge they filled in a little page with information about themselves stating their age and some activity that they liked. Everything in Spanish!

2-5 Students had to make to characters introduce themselves. It was really awesome watching them practice their Spanish as they were writing. They also shared their work with each other and some others even got to record themselves speaking Spanish.

I will be uploading more videos on a youtube channel made for student work. I leave you with a sample. It was super fun!!!

This is the link to my YouTube channel. Here you can see some other student work samples. Enjoy!


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