Fifth Week- Quinta Semana

Well this was a short week for our learners so I had to make some adjustments to the schedule but I did make sure everyone got their weekly dose of Spanish class. Monday was a holiday celebrated here in the United States as Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus or Cristobal Colón was an Italian explorer who conducted one of the most, if not the most important voyages in history. His influence in the Spanish speaking world is still felt around today. Learners watched a Brain Pop video on his life and I also gave them an opportunity to discuss if the results of the events were positive or negative. I asked my learners to keep an open mind and try to look at the event from all perspectives. The conversations we had were amazing! These kiddos really know how to think outside the box and reflect on their new knowledge. Here is the break down on this week’s activities:

K-1: Reviewed last week’s words: HOLA, ADIOS. Practiced how to say our names: Yo me llamo __________________. We also talked a little about how Cristóbal Colón was a famous explorer that “discovered” America. They made a sailor hat in honor of this famous historical event and danced a Sailor Song that  mentions some body parts. WOW! That was a lot for 30 minutes.

2-3: They briefly reviewed greetings and practiced how to say their names in Spanish: Yo me llamo________________. We discussed what they knew about Cristóbal Colón and we watched the Brain Pop Jr. video as well. After watching the video we talked about some vocabulary words that go along with the lesson like: Explorador, Viaje, Rápido, Rey, Reina, Nuevo Mundo, Viejo Mundo. The students later colored in a booklet and finished last week’s assignment.

4-5: Learners reviewed greetings and the morning routine. We also had a discussion about what they knew about Cristobal Colón. There were a lot of facts thrown around but many had something new to add to their knowledge. We watched the Brain Pop video and later they had to reflect on their knowledge and state an opinion. Learners also became familiar with Spanish vocabulary words that they could use in their English writing. This kind of activity is done to make connections with their native language and language b. Some even shared their writing through google docs. After our lesson I had 4th and 5th grade learners tell me about their goals in Spanish, I have read their notes and I will make sure we try to target these goals to the extent possible.

IMG_4650 It was a great week! 


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