Seventh Week- Séptima Semana

This seventh week was a review time for all classes. I felt that it was a good moment to reflect on our learning and realize if we had been learning sounds and commonly used words. Learners of all grade levels played a game on Kahoot. It was so much fun! As an educator I felt great pride in my students when I heard them say Spanish words, correct themselves, and not be upset about it. I always say, mistakes are welcomed in my classroom. There is no better way to learn a language than to speak, try, correct, repeat.

Here is the weekly summary:

K-5 We learned a new song. It was the MONTHS OF THE YEAR/LOS MESES DEL AÑO using the We Will Rock You beat.
here is the link so that everyone practices at home.

K-5 Played a game of Kahoot to review O sound, A sound and words for our closest family members. Most of them demonstrated some knowledge but I could tell that some had to refer to our help wall to get the answer right. I did notice that feminine and masculine words are a difficult concept to grasp and therefore we will keep working on it.

K-1: Learners added two more words to their vocabulary. AMIGO/AMIGA. All they were asked to do was draw un amigo y una amiga. They only had 30 minutes so this was pushing it 😀

2-3: Learners completed a worksheet with educator in order to practice the following: El/Ella es mi amigo/a. Ellos son mis amigos. Ellas son mis amigas.  Nosotros somos amigos. Second grade and some Third grade classes took homework home. I told them they will be getting points on class dojo for a special prize probably at the end of the next nine weeks.

4: Ms. Huckle and I are working on a special project with the fourth graders. They are designing an Arpillera. Arpilleras are pieces of cloth used by Chilean and Peruvian women to silently demonstrate against unfair treatment in times of Augusto Pinochet. I had them think about what they would want to say if they had to make their own Arpillera and Ms. Huckle is helping them get that message across. I am already seeing great stuff.. I CAN’T WAIT!! Ms. Huckle thank you for this impactful project.


5: Learners got to interview each other and create a video on 30hands. Some were having a hard time, mostly because they were nervous about how they sounded, or too distracted with taking funny pictures. However, others were great and they are currently sharing their projects with me. Here is a link to the current videos.


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