Eighth Week- Octava Semana

Wow what a week!  We had a great Día de los muertos info and creative session. Thank you Specials team and Ms. Huckle for helping out and contributing to this special event!

I apologize for taking a bit longer to write last week’s post. I have been having throat problems and it seems a little exhaustion kicked in from all the talking. Anyway, I am doing much better and can not wait to share what we learned last week.

Partes del cuerpo 

This week we focused on the parts of the body/las partes del cuerpo. We started the lesson by having a conversation as to why it is important to know something so basic in another language. I got many great responses from all grade levels, but my favorite one was from a kinder student who said, “I want to know how to say the parts of the body because I might want to compliment someone on having beautiful eyes.” Loved it! Once we established the importance, we began with a warm up activity to activate their prior knowledge.

K-1: After singing head, shoulders, knees, and toes in Spanish, learners were sat in a circle with their hands behind their back. I placed a part of Mr. Potato Head’s or Olaf’s body. When I called out the body part in Spanish, those who had it had to put it in the right place.  We then worked through a practice sheet where I would say a word and they would chorally repeat and then choose the right image to go with the word. We ended the lesson with El marinero baila song.

2-5: Learners had to label a person, like a live diagram of the parts of the body. We used sticky notes and the vocabulary wall to label our friend. Those who know more Spanish added more words. We had tons of fun. Second and third graders then practiced very similarly to the lower grade levels using a practice sheet and completing some portions of it individually. Fourth and fifth graders did something very special. They had to create a monster by throwing a dice and establishing how many (cuantas) manos, brazos, ojos, etc. it had. They had their own choice of size, color, and shape. Nobody got to finish but we have started using Schoology to share our work whenever we get a chance. Learners will have an opportunity to get more points in Spanish class by actually recording a short description about their monsters.

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