Ninth Week-Novena Semana

This week has been very busy for all of us. Our schedule was adjusted so that we could properly celebrate our Veterans on Wednesday. It was great and an honor to see all the veterans come visit their children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.

Spanish class had us going back to basics again, especially our K-3 learners. We reviewed the vowel sounds because I have been noticing several of them struggling to sound out words in Spanish. Of course, K-1 learners were introduced to the letter I only while 2-3 got to review all of the vowels at the same time. The letter I is a challenge to our little ones because as they learn to read in English they want to directly transfer what they know to Spanish. I explained to them that I in Spanish  only has the short vowel sound. Example words are IGLESIA, IGLU, IGUANA, IMAN. I later played a song for them that mentions all vowel sounds. After the song, we discussed what we heard and then added our words to a little diagram.

Kinder- Identified words that begin with the letter I, circled and colored. We later choral read the words.


1 and 2- Learners were given words that had the vowel sounds we have practiced so far (A, O, and I). Learners had to categorize the words under the correct initial vowel sound and then they were asked to practice writing the words. Hopefully these basic words will become part of their Spanish vocabulary very soon.

3- Third grade reviewed all vowel sounds together and we had a brief discussion on how to read words in Spanish using only the short vowel sounds they already know. It all seemed to click very well with them, however, it is important that we keep working through these activities.  Learners were given an assignment to that would have them identify words that began with A-O- or I. They had to follow a set of rules given to them in Spanish. They did great and were able to infer the meaning of many words.


4- Fourth grade learners were given time to work on their Chilean Arpilleras. These Arpilleras are a wonderful opportunity for them to think about injustices that can affect them or others around them. They can express their ideas through art. We have great things planned for this project. Again, thanks to Ms. Huckle for collaborating on such a wonderful piece of art.

File_004                                                     File_002

5- Fifth grade had the biggest challenge this week. I only have this year to work with my fifth graders so I am pushing really hard for them to find value in learning Spanish through fun and purposeful experiences. They were asked to read a description of a monster in Spanish. At first they all panicked, “How? Why? I CAN’T” were some of the things I heard from them. Needless to say, after reading the text to them they realized that many words were Partes del Cuerpo and they in fact did know them. To that I added the word TIENE (HAS) and then I left them to work in pairs. After some time they were allowed to use Google Translate because they had to type the word in Spanish in order to get the translation. I can not tell you how proud I was of how their monsters turned out. I just revealed the original monster in the hallway bulletin board and I hope they are as proud as I am.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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