Tenth Week-Décima Semana

10th week already! Time is going by so fast! It must be that we are having a lot of fun. This week was an exciting one for all. There were many school events going on which allowed parents to come and enjoy some time with their children during school hours. As a Pinkerton parent I could not be more grateful. #teampinkcisd

During Spanish class learners were introduced to what we wear La Ropa. I am starting to transition to Where We are in Place and Time. The first lessons are all about introducing the vocabulary and making the learners feel comfortable using it in different situations.

K-1 Learned this fun song and also labeled a dressed Espantapájaros. 

2-3 They watched a video that went over the most common vocabulary words in Spanish. Later they made their own espantapájaros labeling the clothing as well. I loved hearing their connections with songs that we sing in class and that remind them of what we are learning. Many did not finished and I asked them to bring it this Friday.

4-5 Learners watched the same video to refresh what many of them already knew. They later played a game to demonstrate how much they really could identify. After that I allowed them to actually create something with the vocabulary. Learners designed a clothing catalog where they labeled clothing items for men and women.  Many were excited, but some were too excited and did not get to make the catalog. Hopefully, they will be more balanced next class. As projects come in I will update the gallery.

I don’t have many pictures to show yet because  we ran out of time. Fourth and Fifth grade are also using Schoology for Spanish class and I have uploaded many resources that can help them with their project.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break but can’t wait to come back and have our learners do more exciting projects.


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