Week 11 and 12, Semana 11 y 12

¡Hola a todos!

Hi all!  I am so sorry it took me so long to post for week 11 and 12. It has been a couple of busy weeks and I also wanted to wait to show you the final projects for all classes.  We have been talking about “La Ropa” we wear during different seasons and for different purposes.

K-1 have been creating a booklet to take home so that they can practice the name of frequently used clothes and their colors.

Second and Third grade have been dressing characters for different seasons while labeling and naming their color. We will be finishing our elves next week.

And last but not least 4th and 5th grade have been working on different projects. Fourth graders finished their Arpilleras which they will be sharing through Artsonia soon. They are great! I can’t wait to see what else we can do with these. After they finished their Arpilleras we transitioned to “la ropa”. Fourth graders got to trace a friend and then dress them for winter. They labeled the winter clothes in Spanish and I hung them around my classroom to use as a word wall for the little ones. I sure did get their attention and Fourth graders had lots of fun!

Fifth grade took two class periods to plan for their fashion show. This was our first big project and I was excited to see many of them wanting to participate and go above and beyond. The announcers were chosen by their classmates but each model had to write what the announcer would say, so everyone was involved. Here is the video summary of what our fashion show was like. Enjoy!

Here are some songs that can help practice la ropa. Make sure you check the vocabulary section in my blog. I have updated this section with Quizlet so that learners can practice their vocabulary at home.


I also went to New Tech last week to be a judge at the Quinceañera Expo that Spanish II learners were presenting. It was so much fun! I was excited to see what our learners will be doing once they get to high school and I know they will knock it out of the park  after hearing them during their fashion show.


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