¡Felíz Navidad!

And so the holiday break came to us sooner than we thought. Man, time does fly when you are having fun 😀 This week was really eventful all the activities around school had me rescheduling left and right, but we were able to get all classes in  and everyone got to have fun in Clase de Español.

Here is a brief summary:

Kindergarten: Kinder listened to The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie DePaola. This story tells the legend of how the pointsettia came to be and uses some good vocabulary words for beginners. The poinsettia is originally from Mexico so this ties in to where we are in place and time for our IB unit.

They later created their own poinsettia to bring home. They were really cute.

First Grade: First grade sang Felíz Navidad, practiced their colors and then got to begin coloring a “color by numbers” page. It was hard for them because all colors were in Spanish, but I told them it would be great practice to finish at home.


2nd and 3rd grade: They sang as well and then we finished a project that involved several steps. 1 they had to practice their fine motor skills by cutting an elf and putting it together. Silly right? But some of my amigos really appreciated the time to practice their cutting skills.  Then they had to write four sentences describing what the elf was wearing and the color. Finally they got to label the elf. They turned out amazing.


4th and 5th grade: My fourth and fifth grade learners had an important task. A friend of mine works for Catholic Charities and he mentioned that his senior center would greatly enjoy receiving Christmas cards made by our learners. I jumped on the idea and had my fourth and fifth grade classes write Christmas cards for the Brady Senior Center in Dallas. Because of the short notice I was unable to take learners with me but maybe in the future we can plan activities with the seniors there. 90% of them are native Spanish speakers and our learners would gain twice fold, once for helping others and the other practicing what they are learning in a real world environment.


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