Week 15-Semana 15

¡Hola padres! This week was all about review, review, review. The units we covered were: La ropa (clothes), el cuerpo (the body), and los colores (colors). Many learners were really impressed with how much they understood, others had to reflect a bit and think about how they were going to approach Spanish differently from now own. Here is a break down of the activities.


IMG_5134Learners reviewed vocabulary with me. I would yell out random words in Spanish and they responded in English. After a few minutes of this we went back to our tables to play a game of Quizizz. It was a lot of fun. We played together first and then they had the opportunity to play with their team tables. After that we reviewed the body parts by dancing to “El Marinero Baila.”



IMG_5132 2As a warm up I would alternate with English and Spanish. I would yell out a word and they had to respond in the alternate language. They did very well and got pretty excited about what was to come. Learners had to read some sentences in Spanish that described a person. The sentences were simple and the words that we had not gone over were given to them in English. They drew the person just by reading and using their acquired knowledge. I was so proud of them. They turned to be excellent IB open minded and risk taker learners. After this activity they played a 15 question quiz on Quizizz. This gave them a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate using simple words.


IMG_5133The activities were similar to Second and Third grade. I yelled out words in Spanish and they responded in English or vice-versa. Then they had to read two descriptions in Spanish and draw the person according to the characteristics. After this activity learners played the two Quizizz games. I mentioned to them that this activity can be great for homework as well. Quizizz is free!


That is all for this week. Next week we will be going into our unit of La casa/our home. Please have them click on the VOCABULARY tab and practice their words. Gracias.


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