¡De regreso! We are back!

So much catching up to do, so I will do my best to summarize everything that has happened these last weeks. First of all I want to thank all classes for being risk takers, open minded, and balanced. These traits were the ones I was looking at most for this last nine weeks. However, each grade level had a class that proved they can go above and beyond. I decided to praise them with a Spanish Fiesta and boy did we have fun! Here are some fun pictures:

I hope this encourages other classes to try harder because there will be a reward at the end 😀

In other news! 

 imageK-1 has been learning about descriptive words such as GRANDE and PEQUEÑO and RÁPIDO y LENTO. We have been learning them through songs, books, and movement. Ask them all about it. I’m sure they will be excited to tell you  about their new songs. Here is a link to their favorite one:

2-5 Has been learning about LA CASA. We are starting to look at the world around us and noticing Where We are In Place and Time. They have been playing games, singing songs, and working on some great speaking and listening projects. But we are not done yet.. there is more to come.. so stay tuned 😀



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