Felíz descanso de primavera-Happy Spring Break

It has been a couple of wonderful weeks here at Pinkerton Español! I am very impressed with how much our learners really want to push and speak Spanish when given the opportunity. Of course, we still have those who struggle but even they are finding ways to participate more and more.


We did it! I set these classes a goal of learning 10 words in Spanish. These words are descriptive either adjectives and prepositions. Each word was assigned a movement and a short book or presentation. I saw many of them showing off their knowledge during parent night so ask them to be your teachers and teach you the movements and the words.

Frio-Cold, Caliente-Hot
Rápido-Fast, Lento-Slow
Arriba-Up, Abajo-Down
Grande-Big, Pequeño-Small
Adentro-Inside, Afuera-Outside

Make sure you click on the SONGS tab to listen to some of the songs they learned!


This week we concluded our Mi Casa unit and moved on to La escuela. Learners did a gallery walk around school finding the labels in Spanish of the rooms they are already familiar with. So instead of having them read repeat, we made it an experience. They were super excited to see the words around the school.


Last but not least fourth and fifth got to create La casa blueprints and La casa sentences. The blueprints were done collaboratively. I would love for them to tell you how the project worked. Here are some samples.

Everyone, enjoy Spring Break!


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