5 de mayo

Let me start by telling you how sad I am to be nearing the end of the school year. I have had so much fun watching our learners welcome a foreign language with such excitement. One of the things I love about teaching at an IB school is that learners are global thinkers and are exposed to different cultures besides their own. So this week we had a cultural class discussing 5 de mayo.

Many of you have heard that 5 de mayo is Mexican Independence Day so we clarified what it really  is and watched a little video that summarized its importance and where it is celebrated. I would really like for you to ask them and hopefully, they are able to remember some of it 😀

K-1: Learners began making maracas with paper plates. As in any celebration, we like to have music and color so I thought this was the perfect time to bring in the maracas. They should be ready next week.

2-3: Learners made Pop Art with Mexican themed printouts. Again, color, brightness and celebration was what were wanted to stand out.

4-5: Students learned about La lucha libre. There are many versions as to how la lucha came to Mexico but one interesting tales says that the French brought it over during the times of the Battle of Puebla. I thought this was a great opportunity for learners to have fun with language and be creative. They had to come up with a name and then design their own lucha mask! I hope you enjoy the gallery.

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