Yo me llamo… My name is…

I finally got to see the kiddos and we had lots of fun. I was very happy that many kindergarteners walked in saying “Hola” with confidence and pride. Here is the breakdown of activities.

Kinder-Fifth Grade

I welcomed them to class with either an interactive game that would allow us to introduce each other in Spanish or a short Powerpoint presentation about me, all in Spanish. The game consisted of throwing a ball around and saying “Yo me llamo ____________.” which translates to “My name is ____________________”.I was so happy that many of them wanted for me to stay on target language and I sure did. Those that are more fluent, would help me translate, so it kept everyone on their toes.


Then we practiced our “Buenos Dias” song, of course, this song brings a sigh of relief from them because many, if not all, have heard it during daycare days 😀 Then we practiced writing our name by completing the same phrase now in written form.



First grade

First graders were asked to write  their name first and then their age. They later had to complete a drawing of themselves. In a few classes, they will write about a friend and will practice introducing themselves and their friend. img_0384


My older kids had time to practice some common phrases used to greet people and in the classroom. Some of the phrases were “Buenos dĂ­as, buenas tardes, ÂżCĂłmo te llamas?, Me llamo…., tengo hambre, tengo frĂ­o, etc.” They each got a little paper and after the signal was given, they had to find their Spanish or English translation. It was fun. Once they found their friend they had to sit together to complete goal setting sheet and a small formative assessment. This assessment was done individually, in pairs, then finally we reviewed in whole group. Second grade did a little less because we do have less time.


Last but not least, we had some Coppell High School Football players come visit our class. What was most wonderful is that they ALL came in greeting them in Spanish. They walked around the room talking to them about all the benefits of speaking two languages. It was the greatest way to end the week!


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