Celebremos, Let’s Celebrate

As previously discussed Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept 15-Oct. I felt that it would be a great opportunity to  give learners the opportunity to research Independence Day celebrations from Spanish speaking countries and compare it to how they celebrate . It was very neat to see them get involved and have deep discussions about why they are different.

Kinder and first grade finished their Mexican Rancheras/Rancheros and Chilean Huasas/Huasos. We made believe we had actually traveled there through videos and conversation.

Third and Fourth grade worked hard on Me gusta and No me gusta. They listened to a song  and began working on things they like to do (verbs) in Spanish. Next class we will discuss food we like or do not like. All of this leading up to a fun project coming to you all soon! I will keep you posted.

Last but not least, Kindergarten began working on the vowel A that sounds like the English short A sound. The four words we will keep working is Abeja-bee, Arbol-tree, Araña, and Arcoiris. 


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