Creando Comunidades-Creating communities

¡Hola a todos! Hi everyone, we have been super busy in Spanish class for the last three weeks. Great things have been happening, and most of all we are starting to create communities that will allow us to practice our Spanish.

Here is a summary of the activities:

Kindergarten: We are reviewing vowel sounds. I know many of you are concerned that they will get mixed uimg_0796p with their English vowels. But don’t worry, one way to help them understand is to tell them that Spanish ONLY has short vowel sounds.  Here is the link to the song we use to practice. Kinder has also been practicing how to say their name and age.

Song: Las vocales

El Mono Sílabo


First Grade:  First grade had a special “Los animales del zológico” Animals at the zoo class. We practiced some movements for the most common animals. We heard a song and then completed a graphic organizer. I did not get pictures of this but hopefully, the remember their favorite animal: ELEFANTE.

We are also learning about emotions. Here is a song to practice at home.

Rockalingua-Estoy contento

2-3 Second and Third grade are working on a project to help close out Hispanic Heritage Month. They are making Frida Kahlo inspired portraits and writing “Me gusta” sentences. They are doing an amazing job and are very close to being finished.

Fourth grade:

Fourth graders have been hard at work learning how to talk about themselves and describe themselves in Spanish.We will be pairing our learners with New Tech Spanish II learners. They will exchange videos and communicate through different sources. Ms. Brassfield and I are super excited to see if they enjoy having someone to practice with. We will be sharing the links to their videos soon.

Fifth grade:

Fifth graders are also learning how to describe themselves and others. They have had opportunites to record themselves using  an app called Tellagami. They did a wonderful job and submitted it using Schoology. Have them show you what a great job they did. Now they are working on helping me create a Spanish Guess who game. We have also played Quizlet Live which they love when it comes to practicing vocabulary.





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