Resources for the break

I am always asked by parents what else they can do at home to keep practicing. I am sharing with you some YouTube channels, websites and apps that can be helpful. A aprender!


Basho and Friends: They have many original songs that learners really enjoy. From Tamales to the calendar. They offer a great opportunity for learners to practice what is being taught in the classroom. Ages K-5.

Kevin, Karla y la banda: This band does many covers of current popular English songs. It has many visuals as well. Great for children 3-5.

My classroom playlist includes the songs I play more frequently in the classroom. You can subscribe to my playlist to get automatic updates.

My classroom playlist K-3:

My classroom playlist 3-5:


Links to 20 Apps to learn Spanish: Some are free, some are not but totally worth the cost.

Endless Spanish– Kids love the Endless Spanish in the classroom. You get a few words for free and many more in the paid version.

Duolingo: Play online or download the app. Most 3rd-5th graders have been playing it in my classroom. Join the fun and play yourself! This app is free.


Websites with games: (Must have flash player) 

Online free Spanish Games

PBS en Español





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